Marketing | Six tips for ‘hacking’ wine to Millenials

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Marketing | Six tips for ‘hacking’ wine to Millenials

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Eric Briones, a specialist in luxury marketing, showed how to introduce wine to young people in a keynote speech at the Vinocamp conference on October 14 in Paris. To do this, he believes they have to be ‘hacked’ and suggested six ways of doing it:

–         Lifestyle – “Don’t expect GenYers to adapt. They expect companies to run around after them”, says Eric Briones, implying that there has to be content, young people want to be shown how to understand the wine experience, how to uncork a bottle, or what music to listen to.

–         Incarnation – “Chateaux are mysterious places that can be off-putting. It is important for young people to learn about the life of the wine grower. They want incarnation”, explains Eric Briones.

–         Politics – “The Millenial wants to be able to explain why he has chosen this particular wine, primarily through political commitment. Hence, a natural wine implies total transparency, giving the product a texture geared to the world. This is important to GenY because they rely on their consumption habits to change the world”, adds Eric Briones.

–         Innovation – “You need to conjure up magic and innovation has to serve that purpose. Act like an enchanter and offer enchanting content”, suggests the expert.

–         Design – “Generation Y is steeped in graphic culture where words give way to imagery. There is a real aspiration for bottle design to play around with graphic conventions”, believes Eric Briones.

–         Humour – “You have to be part of the lol culture”, recommends the marketing specialist.


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