#Export | How to Denmark

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As a consequence of climate change and generally warmer weather in Denmark, the Danes are drinking less red wine and turning to whites like German Grauburgunder and Austrian Grüner Veltliner. Crédits photo Pixabay

#Export | How to Denmark

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Wine can be bought everywhere in Denmark: at the gas station, the florist, the supermarket, the specialist store, your newspaper’s wine club and from numerous websites. This is because in Denmark, unlike other Scandinavian countries, there is no government monopoly to regulate alcohol sales.

Wine is a Danish favourite and at 36 litres per head a year, Denmark is the biggest wine consumer of the non-wine producing countries. The wine-thirsty Danes drink so much, in fact, that they have enough supermarket square metres to supply a country of 17m inhabitants rather than the 5.6m who populate Denmark.

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